As you know what kind of expertise you need at this point in time …

… I offer all of my services independently of one another. Collectively with you I make your knowledge and expertise visible & useable.  

For management, leadership team & employees.


So that you do the right thing for your company…


… and consciously invest time, energy and budget.


Based on the current situation in your company and with your target image in mind, I carry out a

multi-faceted, compact & equally sensitive pain & potential analysis.


Your profit?
Patterns in your company become visible.

You know which strengths are self-evident in your company.

You gain clarity and get feasible options for action. Ad hoc as well as in the medium and long term.


For management, leadership team and staff.


Because you know what you want to achieve …


… and because you know the rhythm of your company.

Because you reward where there is potential in your company – but also where there is a point of pain.


You receive a modern, feasible & meaningful concept. 

One that takes into account the working reality in your company.

In which the efficiency and motivation of your employees take up maximum space.

And recommend external expertise where it is needed.


A concept that makes you want more.


In order for you to achieve real results, …


… your employees can realize their full potential & I make myself dispensable for you. So that you are permanently satisfied.


Based on your goal & your concept, you receive the performance that makes you successful.


  • Sparring & Mentoring


  • Training
  • Moderation
  • Sparring & Mentoring


  • Sparring & Mentoring
  • Diagnostic
  • Team development
  • Training & Moderation
  • Cultural development
  • Coaching


  • Coaching
The last few months have been very exciting, sometimes exhausting, and at the same time absolutely crucial for our new direction.

I am very proud of how we have redesigned Cambiana as a company. Both in terms of content and as for the companies we would like to work with.

Having aligned our new work reality at Cambiana with our strategy makes our daily life easier and a relief every day. That’s essential for us because it allows us to fully focus on our clients.

In all this, Eva was a great help to us – and brought a real haven of peace.
Together with her, we found out what we had to change concretely. And the wonderful thing is that we also looked at what we could do easily. Creating the concrete plan was then really easy.

We look forward to further establishing new routines into our work.
Gaelle Piernikarch

Founder and CEO, Cambiana

Relevance of size and industry of your company?

the industry of your business is no consideration. I can adapt quickly to most diverse work situations. And the expert for your industry remains you anyway.

… the size of your company is only an issue if it has an impact on processes & workflow. I want to have an effect and impact & I am a fan of simple and straightforward decision paths. Knowing full well that successful change needs tranquility as well. If that is self-evident and a matter of course for you, the size of your company is no consideration either.  

Depending on the contract volume I will work in teams of varying size.

You don’t feel like our offer fits you? Contact us for an individual offer.