Eva-Maria Schmidt – Füllhorn founder

“Founding your own company and constantly developing it further is something very special – inspiring, a lot of work, also exhausting & above all a great pleasure. I am simply proud of the result. And at the same time grateful. Also about the fact that I had & have you as professionals at my side. You have made a significant contribution to the result.

Thank you!”

Claudia Münster – Business Mentoring

“Working together with Eva is pure pleasure, because Eva throws everything that is necessary for intensive, empathic, solution- and success-focused work into the scale from the bottom of her heart. 100% committed, always absolutely present and focused on the moment. Eva never loses sight of the big picture. In all this Eva is not only very competent and intelligent, but also a wonderful and warm-hearted woman. I can’t wish for a better customer.”

Yannick Börner – Website-Development

“Working with Eva is both inspiring and challenging. At every second it is obvious that she has many years of experience in the industry and can turn good solutions into even better ones. She does this with such professionalism that entrepreneurs will consider themselves lucky to have commissioned her.”


Barbara Schmidt – Translation

“Working with Eva is just great fun. It is a great inspiration to see and be part of how an idea or a thought becomes something concrete and tangible through brainstorming and discussion of input from outside.

I’m already excited to see what further steps will follow on her journey and I’m already looking forward to the fact that our paths will certainly cross again from a professional point of view.”

Paul Schmidt – Photos, Logo & Print