Making people happy? Even in the business context? Yes, for sure!

This is our driver. Because that‘s what we want to achieve. And because that‘s what we are able to do. Jointly with you.

What else defines us?

  • The claim to offer you the best service 
  • The ability to combine the following two things in an unagitated way:
    Understanding of data & analysis. The talent to guide many people through change processes. 
  • The confidence that the digitalization of a company is no drama. But it is improvement by technology.
  • The knowledge of how to inspire individual motivation – and how important exactly that is.
  • The experience that business is „bread and butter“, too 
  • The enthusiasm for modern, collective & flexible work models 
  • The belief that we can make a difference with our combination of serenity, stamina, humor & empathy.


  • Experienced in business & life: more than 25 years in diverse industries, employments and leadership functions. 
  • Experienced in corporates and SMEs. 
  • Manifoldly trained in theory and practice: economy, consulting, processes, service, training, leadership, coaching, communication and personality diagnostic.
  • Feeling at home locally, nationally and internationally. Both in English and German.