Making people happy. Even in the business context? Yes, for sure!

This is my driver. Because that‘s what I want to achieve. And because that‘s what I am able to do. Jointly with you.

What else defines me?

  • The claim to offer you the best service 
  • The ability to combine an understanding of data & analysis and the talent to guide many people through change processes with serenity.
  • The confidence that the digitalization of a company is no drama. But it is improvement by technology.
  • The knowledge of how to inspire individual motivation – and how important that is.
  • The enthusiasm for modern, collective & flexible work models 
  • The belief that I can make a difference with a combination of serenity, stamina, humor & empathy.

Career milestones  

  • Industry versed & experienced in life: 25+ years of specialist or management responsibility. 16+ years of training & consulting. 4+ years coaching. Media, customer service, gastronomy, crafts, real estate, culture. Equally group & KMU experienced.
  • Manifoldly trained in theory and practice: business, consulting, processes, customer service, customer communication, training, leadership, coaching & personality diagnostics. .
  • Feeling at home locally, nationally and internationally. Both in English and German.