… I’m usually reluctant to part. What about you?

It doesn’t matter if everything should stay the way it is right now. But let’s suppose we want to bring about something new, then it’s of no use …

… we must part with some of these beloved habits.

So far so good – the mind has understood it long ago, only the doing is such a thing. Especially when Spitz goes on a button. When everyday life is hectic & we unwind our routines.

As a rule of thumb:
The more valuable the change is for us personally. The more methodical knowledge we have for behavioural changes in practice. The more likely it is that we will actually say goodbye to habits we have grown fond of.

This brings me to my recommendation:
In my experience, the transfer strength method is an equally simple & well-founded way to increase personal learning transfer. On the one hand, the method provides the status quo to one’s own competences and at the same time offers a set of helpful tips on how we can improve these competences permanently. And thus make us increasingly less dependent on trainings, workshops etc..

I wish us every success in achieving our goals.

Kind regards from Hallbergmoos
Eva-Maria Schmidt